Thursday, March 31, 2016

Learning Lessons Daily

This year I have decided that I am in need of a change in my study habits. I Love to read the scriptures but it is not enough for me anymore. I was in a Sunday school lesson the other day that spoke of feasting upon the gospel as opposed to just going to dinner. It made me realize that I have been way to relaxed in my scripture study. I need to go into my scripture study with a mind ready to find what the Lord wants to tell me. If I'm not ready I will never find it.

So I brought out a few of our Book of Mormon study guides and have been readying them along side the Scriptures. I also made a journal that I keep with them and I make sure to write EVERYTHING that comes to my mind or that I learn/re-learn. It has been a wonderful experience and I am feeling more connected to the Book of Mormon then I have felt before.

Another big reason for me doing this is that I am trying to teach Xander to love the scriptures and I found that I needed to know them better in order to properly be able to teach them to him. Its a big Learning process on everyone's part.

I have also learned that no matter how much I know and have learned that as long as I am willing to be teachable I can always learn something new. Both in the gospel sense and in life in general. Nobody is beyond learning. I was at my stake conference recently and I absolutely loved every moment. I felt as if they were speaking directly to my heart and answering all the questions that I have been facing lately. I left feeling so excited I wanted to talk to everyone about how exciting it was. I was shocked when I spoke to some people who said "meh it was nothing special, same ol same ol." Shocked. However, as I reflected on past stake meetings that I have been to I remember feeling that way some times. I mean I even remember feeling that way when I was younger at general conference sessions (don't judge). What made the difference this time? Like I said, I am learning that what makes the difference is not what the speakers say or how well the musical numbers sing or play. It has nothing to do with the topics given or who they have asked to present them. What makes the difference is my heart. What makes the difference is they way I choose to approach the meeting. I can only get out of the meeting, the effort I put into it. I have been hungry for the learning which has resulted on a wonderful feast of knowledge placed at my feet.

Now I also just have to say that I don't mean to say any of this to say that I am so good at learning, everyone be like me. I have so far to go. I only share because it took me so long to figure out that I was the only thing standing in the way of my learning and spiritual growth. When I wondered why i didn't receive the spiritual messages my friends and family did and was upset because of it. That was my fault, I wasn't letting myself learn, I was not being teachable. So I share in hopes that someday someone may read this, that my children may read this and learn it a little sooner then I did so that they may have more time to learn all that they can. I love to learn. I encourage you to step out of your own way and take advantage of all the learning that is before you, waiting for you!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Generations of Blessings!

I have been thinking a lot lately of how blessed I am. In particular I am blessed with a wonderful family. Family that have both come before me and are coming now. I, Talia, having been born of goodly parents, defiantly applies to me now and to my parents as well. I am also so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents in my life. They have all been an influence in my life and I am will forever be grateful for them. And to speak of even more blessings Xander has been blessed to have all of my grandparents in his life as well! SO AMAZING! Anyway I wanted to share some precious pictures of the Generations of Blessings in my life. Enjoy!

 We are so blessed to have you all in our lives! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do every!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Some pictures from recently

These pictures mean the world to me. 

Our little family is slowly growing. This picture was taken at Matt and Beths family dinner after they got married.
It also includes Kyres soon to be husband David and they are getting married at the end of July
I will have to update this picture soon as well because Matt and Beth are due with another little man coming at the end of July
These boys sure love there Papa. Xander is 4 and Jaxson is 2
I just cant believe that my baby boy will be 5 years old in September. What a blessing being a mother is. I know that Jim feels the same way about being a Father. He is our greatest accomplishment so far. We are so proud of him!
These two! I cant express enough how much I am blessed to have them in my life. To have them for my parents. I look up to them and they ways that they conduct themselves . No matter what they have gone through and the uncertainties in the days that are coming they hold fast to the rod and to eachother in love and faith. 
Jim you are the love of my life. I know we often see things different. I love that you have enless patience with me and my crazy brain. I adore your ability to talk to everyone with ease and to show genuine interest. You are such a kind soul and I am so happy to be blessed with you in my life eternally!
These are my best friends. Guess what?!?! They are also my sisters. I am so lucky to be born into the same family as them. Almost every other friend has come and gone from my life and that is ok, as long as I have my sisters with me I have friends. I cant wait to watch them grow and learn and being the amazing women they are already turning into!


Im Back!

Ok so I am no good at blogging. However, here I am ready to try again. My mother gave a fantastic talk in church yesterday about the importance of journaling and its many different forms. I took notes and would love to share what I learned.
My mom shared 15 things that we can and should journal about. If your ever stuck or dont think you have anything to write about here is your list.

1. Keep track of special occasions- It is a great way to keep track of special days and the experiences had on those days. I love to look back on my ancestors journals and read about how they celebrated life together.

2. Special thoughts in the moment - Have you ever had those moments where you have a brilliant idea or a profound thought but you dont write it down, then you come back the next day and cant for the life of you remember what that thought was. I carry a small journal with me most everywhere I go for just this purpose.

3. We can record special blessings and inspirations from God - as we do this our journal becomes a form of personal scripture and can bless and help our posterity.

4. Solve important problems and questions - A journal is a great place to sort out and find a solution to our thoughts and issues. Its often a better place to do it as well because your journal doesnt judge or belittle.

5. Brings peace to your soul - When we write and are able to express our thoughts and feelings we can find a peace within us that calms us.

6. Express things we may have trouble expressing - When we are able to write without being worried about what people are going to say we are better able to express. Our mind can think with more clarity when it is unburdened by worry and doubt in ourselves.

7. A place for our testimony - A journal is a wonderful place for us to bare our testimony and share with future generations what we know to be true. It is also a place for those people who may have trouble outwardly saying their testimony to be able to communicate what they know.

8. They help us learn who we are and we can watch ourselves grow and become who we want to be - as we look back on our own journals we can learn from our experiences and see our own growth. We can take measure of where we have come from, where we are at and where we would like to go.

9. A place to think about Anything and Everything - A journal is a wonderful place to explore and learn, to sort through our thoughts and to write out our ramblings within our own brain. You never know what you can learn from yourself.

10. It is a great place to feel - For someone like myself with emotions always about to spill over it is a fabulous place to share my feelings and share my tears. To share my anger and sadness. Share my excitement and my happiness. I have a chance to share all that I feel to my completely nonjudgmental listener. This is also a very important thing to do because these feelings often encourage and help those who will someday read and learn from our experiences.

11. A place to remember things - A place to write stories and experiences. Then when the moments come and we say I really wish we had a record of what happened that day, tada you do!

12. A place to dream and set goals - There is no better place to write your biggest dreams and goals. dont be scared to make them as lifelike and wondrous as your can imagine. Your pages will never tell you that you cant do something and when you write things down they are easier to remember and more likely to be accomplished.

13. Its your autobiography - Be honest and be yourself. Do not make it full of fluff and only the perfect parts. Write your life, exactly as it rolls out in front of you. Add your failures and your accomplishments, your trials and how you have overcome things. Your life is important!

14. Record your feelings and thoughts about service opportunities - Opportunities come in so many forms. It may be a calling you have been given, a service you have given or been given. Talk about how you have changed and the people you have met and been changed by.

And lastly but most importantly

15. Pour out your heart to your Father in Heaven - Your journal is the perfect place to pour out your heart and soul to your Heavenly Father. He listens! He wants us to talk to him and sometimes its hard to tell him all that we are feelings and going through. So write it down like your sending him a letter. Tell him everything that makes you so happy, and everything that breaks your heart. He will hear the pleading of your soul every time.

I know that keeping a record is so important. I am so grateful for the people who have kept records in the past. My life has been blessed beyond what I can imagine because of them. (scripture)  There are so many ways to do it. Dont make excuse yourself because you dont think your life story is worth telling because it is so worth it. Love you all and again I am going to try and be better at this.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Its been a long time since I posted anything. I feel that life has been busier then normal but it most likely has not been. I am so blessed with a wonderful family. Xander is my best little friend and we have so much fun lately being outside and planting our garden and doing all the work that comes with having our home. This year I was so determined to have a garden this year and we already have a few things planted that are stronger plants that wont die if it frosts. Xander is my watering buddy. He waters his strawberries every day and he helps me clean up the garden and water it. 

In a week here we are going to be taking some training so we can become foster parents. We have decided that there are other ways to fill our house with children if we arent able right now to have more. Xander loves to have other kids at our house and I think there are so many children out there that could use a good place with people who care that it made so much sense to open our home up. I cant wait until all the training and evaluations and home studies and everything else are done and we can start meeting some new little people. I have been praying about this and Im so excited to see what the lord has in store for us. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Life just keeps moving!

So its been far to long since I have written on my blog and time just seems to be adding up on the things that I would like to write about. 

December was a wonderful month for my family. We loved celebrating CHRIST for the whole beautiful season of Christmas. It was lovely to get to enjoy the season in our own home for the first time. Xander loved the nativities and crafts and books we were able to enjoy and of course the treats and presents that come with the season as well. I am so glad that we are able to enjoy such a fabulous time of year in a place that allows for us to have the freedom to do so. 

When the New Year came in it brought new challenges and trials that I did not feel ready for and it was a real struggle for a while. At the beginning of the month my beautiful cousin Teina was in a car accident and less then three weeks later she was brought back to live with My Father in Heaven once again. I went through more emotions then I care to share but I learned important things and re-learned important things that I feel it important to share. 

1. I confirmed and solidified my faith in the plan of salvation and eternal families. I always believed, but I was comforted beyond that which any mortal person could comfort, as I know that much of my family was as well. What a comfort to know that this life is but a small moment, and if though ENDURE IT WELL though shall be blessed. Teina endured this life well. She was a shining example in this life and I know she continues to be a light and missionary in the blessed life yet to come.  

2. Sometimes you just have to be BRAVE. I started off so worried about talking to anyone about Teina because I was worried I couldnt hold my composure and end up uncomfortably blubbering to someone, but I learned the more I prayed for strength and took a brave moment I was able to move past that fear. I have had many teaching moments and moments to testify of my knowledge of eternal families because I was brave enough to speak about something that was hard. I know that is what Teina would want me to do and she would be proud of me for being brave. 

3. Even if we feel alone, like nobody knows how we feel, WE ARE NEVER ALONE. My savior suffered in the garden and on the cross so that I would never have to suffer any trial alone. No pain is mine alone whether I choose to share it with my savior or not he has already paid for it. What an amazing gift he has given me and everyone who has ever lived, lives or ever will live. Who are we to not take advantage of this gift and use it to the best of our abilities. 

I enjoy my life. Every trial I am blessed with will make me stronger because I choose to be stronger because of them. 

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the last little while. 

My handsome husband and I celebrated 4 beautiful years together with a wonderfully romantic anniversary. Jim is not usually ever romantic. He tells me he doesnt really know how to be when I used to ask him why he didnt ever break out the romance.. lol But I was so impressed with all the thought and love that went into him planning our beautiful night out. I am so lucky that I get to spend eternity with this wonderful man. I could not have a better companion to go through this life with and raise a family with. He is such an excellent father, an dedicated provider and a loving husband. I am so in love with you Jim! 

Here are a few more from right around Christmas time. We built a Ginger Bread house like we do every year. This was the first year that Xander wanted to smash it right after we built it. I being the cruel mother that I am made him wait until after Christmas to do so. Can you tell which he enjoyed more? I think we have created a new tradition!

 Xander was so excited to visit Santa this year. He has never had a problem with sitting on Santa and He is such a believer. I just love his magical spirit and his imagination. 

Xander also really LOVES to play in the snow. He doesn't often care how cold it is. He will stay outside for hours and we will build and break and build and bread many snow creations. He really is so much fun. Another best friend for me in the future just like his daddy!

I could share pictures all day because I just love them but I will only add a few more. 

 I sure love my family. They are my favorite part of waking up. Such a blessing to have them forever!